Oppose Middle Hill Wind Farm Development

John Tait
John Tait 42 Comments
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Middle Hill Renewables Ltd, a company owned by Air Farmers Ltd have proposed to erect nine 125 meter turbines on Middle Hill near the historic village of Elsdon in Northumberland. Made up of a group of London investors, this company is a speculative commercial venture with far more GREED credentials than GREEN ones! In fact, none of the shareholders has any realknowledge of or background in environmental or energy matters whatsoever. Middle Hill runs directly alongside the boundary of Northumberland National Park, alongside the bridleway of the Border Country Ride, is within 1km of the Grade II listed monument of Winter's Gibbet, will be a blot on the landscape from numerous vantage points (Billsmoor Park - A68 cycleway) and will totally dominate the skyline of Elsdon Village - in other words, it is simply an inappropriate industrial development in a unique and beautiful area. Help us fight this development by signing our petition below and together we may just save these "Far Horizons" for future generations.




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