Microsoft: remove USB storage limit on xbox 360

Sean Drisco
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I know the Xbox One is coming but this is for gamers who want to buy or still use an xbox 360. I think it's appropriate to comparite to say PS3's hard drives:

One of the changes made to the Xbox 360 'Slim' is that arcade models now include a 4 GB SSD drive for data storage rather than requiring gamers to rely on memory units. With the PS3, a hard drive is included in both models. The HDD units in both consoles are largely similar, both running at 400 rpm and now offering several hundred GB of storage. The high-end PS3 models offers a 320 GB HDD compared to the Xbox's 250 GB version.

However, the PS3's true advantage is its support of standard 2.5" SATA notebook hard drives. Users can upgrade the PS3's hard drive with drives that have higher capacities and faster rpm speeds, while the Xbox only supports Microsoft's proprietary HDD model and up to 32gb USB drives (seriously some have up to 1TB of USB hard drives)





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