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It would be my dream to be U Girl at Austin's concert in MI on September 10th. I've been a Mahomie since 2011 and ever since then he's been the light in my life. I love him so much, and it would be my dream to sit up onstage on that famous stool. I've met Austin once earlier this year at the Royal Oak show during his M&G, but I didn't even have a chance to hug him or even talk to him because I was one of the last in line, and we were being rushed out. I regret not going in for it, and I would change it if I could. He's always been there for me without even realizing it, and he himself has guided me through dark times. I think about him everyday, and without him I'd honestly be nothing. I DM him everyday on Twitter telling him how much I love him because I feel like I'll never have the chance to do so in person. He's everything to me, and honestly, I've never felt like this about a celebrity before. Once a Mahomie, always a Mahomie.




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