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Sign this if you feel that our education system needs a radical overhaul to make it more relevant to the real world and meaningful to the young people who live in it. We are still following a pre industrial model for education that celebrates only one form of success - Individual academic success. (UK only please)

The ability to pass exams is becoming increasingly irrelevant and obsolete, but still huge numbers of our young people are being branded as 'failures' and leave school not recognising and valuing the skills they have. This is morally appalling and unforgiveable. The only certainty in the future is uncertainty, we need a system that equips them for a life of change to be comfortable with technology and see its uses beyond the purely social and entertainment. 
Even the 'successes' of our system are beautifully prepared for a world that no longer exists.

 Innovation creativity and fun are sadly lacking in the classroom as the focus, particularly in secondary education is on exam results. This is the tail that wags the dog and prevents inspirational education. We need a better balance between measuring performance and allowing creativity and collaboration that are difficult to measure.

 Many of our teenagers are bored and demotivated at school and understandably so. What is the point of education? What is happening in the classroom becomes further from the real world daily . Mobile phones are banned from schools rather than used as tools with incredible potential. 

 Looking in a 1857 Encyclopaedia Britannica showed a new steam pump. My Iphone showed the same pump but also the links of how it got developed, what it's impact was and a huge array of multidimensional information. Britain was at the forefront of developments in the 1850s partly as information was only available to a select few. Now the world has become a level playing field as anyone with an internet connection has access to the same information. What is important now is what we do with it and how we use it.

 If you feel that it is time to say ' If we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got' and that is no longer good enough for our young people to compete on the global stage Then please sign this petition 

 The aim is to create a debate that will transform our education system, to truly develop our young people to become people not just statistics based on whether they passed 5 GCSEs.


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