Charging of car parking for Merlin Annual Passholders

Joel Stanford
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The Merlin Entertainments Group has recently revealed revised terms and conditions for the Standard Merlin Annual Pass, removing the benefit of free parking for all Merlin attractions.

At this difficult time for the UK financially, and with the upcoming rise in VAT from the government also putting a bigger burden on customers budgets, we at as well as many other enthusiasts and supporters feel that Merlin Entertainments has gone a step too far asking for its most loyal and frequent customers to fork out more money (up to £5 a visit) in addition to the yearly cost of a pass that has always previously included such a reward. 

Not only that, but Merlin Entertainments has also sort to introduce parking charges at further attractions, such as Thorpe Park and Legoland this very year, a double blow in wake of the removal of the free parking benefit. 

We the below express our complete rejection of this change of terms and conditions by Merlin Entertainments for the Standard Annual Pass, and ask that the free parking benefit is reviewed immediately and restored in respect of the loyalty of all present and future Annual Passholders who support the many Merlin attractions.





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