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 Dear Fellow Member A few years ago our club voted to require each resident of St Andrews CC to be a member of the golf club within St Andrews. And if you were not a member at that point in time when your house was sold the next owner was required to join the golf club. This left the community with approx 60 homes without golf membership and the remaining homes, members of both the POA and the golf club. That being, most of the POA members are golf club members as well and pay for the upkeep of both entities aprox 650 homes Other communities such as Bocaire, Delaire and most closely related to us in size, Frenchmans Creek, as well as many others have merged the POA and the golf club to one organization and enjoy the benefits as follows A tax savings of aprox $ 1,000.00 per family per year based upon the presentation of our asset base of the golf club facilities One web site ( we now have 2 web sites at twice the cost to us) One phone system ( we now have 2 phones systems ) Overlapping staff for the following 1 Grounds maintenance 2 Accounting 3 General management And many other savings that would be shared with the non golf club members. These other clubs thru accounting have separated the just POA members and saved them operating costs based on the economies of scale accomplished by this merger So every one wins And just as important we eliminate the Them and Us aspects of the POA and the golf club We are one community !!! 

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