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Committee For Responsible Government Chucky James Committee Pack James Davis Jr CJCP@sc>rr>com  Please Printed Names, Residence Address & Phone#, and Precinct.                               TO THE CITIZENS OF SUMTER COUNTY: Sumter County and the City of Sumter have in past years paid for studies as to the advisability of merging City and County Law Enforcement Departments. The results of these studies, which have so far been largely ignored, are attached to this notice. The COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT (CRG) is circulating a petition to place the merger question on the November 2012 ballot. 9200 signatures are needed to allow the citizens of Sumter County to vote for or against merging the two departments as the studies have recommended. To sign the attached petition and help accomplish our goal, you must be a registered voter in Sumter County, and you are allowed to sign only once. If you care as we do about creating more effective local law enforcement, please sign your name on the petition and then print it below your signature. Your address is also required. Get your friends and neighbors who qualify to sign also. Make a copy of the blank petition before signing so you can circulate several petitions at one time. All signed petitions should be returned to: COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT Sumter, Sc 29150 As with almost everything these days, conducting this campaign costs money. If you would like to help with expenses, feel free to send a check made out to the CRG to the same address. However, a contribution IS NOT REQUIRED. Your signature and address are badly needed. Thanks for your support of this important undertaking. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, CRG





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