Let Me Direct A Show!

Megan Elizabeth
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I have asked my school board if I can direct the show in the fall since I will be graduated. Seeing that I have been in 7 shows throughout high school, a lead in 5 of them and have gone to many workshops on directing, I should be allowed to. Many other high schools have senior directed shows in the spring and I think that by my school requiring me to have a degree, it really ruins the spirit. I'd love to direct a show for all the kids in my school that have lost 3 directors in the past 3 years. Losing directors is a really hard thing to deal with, especially being kids. A director is a role model, a kind spirit that they can look up to and most importantly, someone that will always be there for them. They need consistency and I believe that I am that for them, since they have known me their whole run at our school. They want me to direct, I want to, and I would love the leadership experience. Please help, even if you don't know me!





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