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Request "SPECIAL MEETING" for Homeowners Association Meeting, election of Board Members and receipt accountability

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Please sign the petition TO GET A "SPECIAL MEETING" we need your full participation.  
Please bring comments or questions because you are part of the community and we care about your concerns.
Your vote count only if you VOTE on the issues! 
Request "SPECIAL MEETING" By Lot Owners
 § 47F‑3‑108.  Meetings.  Special meetings of the association may be called by lot owners having ten percent (10%). Not less than 10 nor more than 60 days in advance of any meeting, the secretary or other officer specified in the bylaws shall cause notice to be hand‑delivered or sent prepaid by United States mail to the mailing address of each lot or to any other mailing address designated in writing by the lot owner, or sent by electronic means, including by electronic mail over the Internet, to an electronic mailing address designated in writing by the lot owner.

The notice of any meeting shall state the time and place of the meeting and the items on the agenda, including the general nature of any proposed amendment to the declaration or bylaws, any budget changes, and any proposal to remove a director or officer.

Recall Special Assessment Fee's  § 47F‑3‑109. Quorums. To afford each HomeOwners "DUE PROCESS" to vote on a Special Assessment of $350. To give each HomeOwner an opportunity to cast their vote in an "Absentee voting" method with a "30 DAYS" advance notice of a Special Assessment Fee's proposal. 

*To Discuss a plan to reduce HOA Dues *

Homeowners Association Records   

§ 47F‑3‑118.  Association records.To hold the Board Members accountable by producing receipts for expenses paid for using HomeOwner Association member dues.  "Open and Full Disclosure" of all activities and decisions of the board, except those that truly would be damaging to someone by revealing personal or confidential information. The fact that someone has a "Violation" or is "late" in their payment is NOT consider "Personal or Confidential".To determine why the HOA rules are not being upheld and to discuss members' concernsabout our neighborhood and compliance of the HOA rules and regulations.


Prescribed method for "Absentee Voting" is use to be counted in any and all matters that requires a VOTE and must be used also to determine that a Quorum is attained. 

Dispute Resolution: 

Use by an outside Mediator is Essential to remove the "Police State" that exist and causes Neighbors to fight with Neighbors. Eliminate the "Peer Review Hearing Panels" made up of Homeowners in the community who are appointed to the board that increase the likelihood of a Board-Controlled-Dominated-Ruled Community.


For All Board Members, who must take the 4 hours, "What It Means to live in a HOA Community." Course must be taken within 90 days of being elected to the board. The course has been written and has been submitted.

Property Owners To Discharge/Terminate Property Management Company 

§ 47F‑3‑102.  Powers of owners' association. 

Unless the articles of incorporation or the declaration expressly provides to the contrary, the association may:

  1. Adopt and amend bylaws and rules and regulations;
  2. Adopt and amend budgets for revenues, expenditures, and reserves and collect assessments for common expenses from lot owners;
  3. Hire and discharge managing agents and other employees, agents, and independent contractors;



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