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TDL scanned when purchasing medications, esp. those such as narcotics, pain/addictives/depressants/and/or side effects with alcohol/tobacco/other, homes with elderly, # of presc. meds, children, etc.

TDL scanned when making all alcoholic purchases nicotine

TDL with fingerprint verification of purchaser and with CC/other payment including cash.

TDL and fingerprint tech/practices exist for WIC since 2003-tech. is expected to be more readily available to a diverse open mkt. such as this creates.

Sales declined for household consumption/individual consumption--alcoholic purchases include retail/restaurant

Household Member/Child safety laws-public/private transportation options for participation in recovery programs.

Neighborhood patrol groups organize safe alternatives such as babysitter-patrol member/other if a situation requires a hostile person to be removed, thus the hostile person is more likely to become a threat of danger to others once the targeted person is no longer present.



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