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420 Medical Marijuana Petition For Truth (Hemp Releaf Program)

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Whereas the United States of America's Federal Laws and Presidential Directives require Federal Agencies to base their public statements on Sound Science, Whereas the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), DHS (Department of Homeland Security),the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other agencies of the Federal Government (including Department of Heath and Human Services and the FDA) have put forth in public announcements, advertisements (PSA's) and official positions a egregious falsehood, specifically that (Medical) Marijuana has no Medical Value or benefits, Whereas millions of Americans based on these falsehoods/lies that were put forth by our government have not pursued the medical benefits that Medical Marijuana would provide them thus have unnecessarily endured great pain and suffering. Whereas the United States Government has for a period of over seven decades deliberately, egregiously and negligently perpetrated a fraud upon the people of America, Whereas this fraud must be corrected, and the truth put out to the American Public that Medical Marijuana does have Medical Value, We the undersigned Citizens of the United States of America to herein as witnessed by our signatures to this document do herewith exercise our First Amendment Right to Petition Congress for Redress via the following means of redress: We formerly request that Congress by special proclaimation apologize to the American People for the falsehoods wrongfully put out into the public information arena about the medical benefits of Marijuana. This proclaimation it to be published as a full page advertisement in the 200 largest newspapers and 100 largest magazines in America on three different occassions. We further move Congress to pass a law stipulating that Marijuana and hemp have both Medical and commercial/industrial value worthy of further exploration and research. This law should remove any laws and penalties on the growing and/or cultivation of Marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp. We further move that Congress write into this law, and fund a $100 Billion Hemp Releaf Program (HRP)that will fund both Medical Research, and Industrial Hemp exploration projects including Hemp Bio Fuels and Hemp composite building materials. There will be a 12 member board set up and voted upon BY THE SIGNATORS to this Petition, with each board member serving (if they so choose) for life, and drawing appropriate salary and benefits paid for out of DEA's yearly budget allowances. Vacancies on this Cannabis/Hemp oversight board will be filled by Presidential Nomination to said board, but all nominations will be put forth from the Hemp/Cannabis community and industry as it grows and prospers. We further move that Congress earmark $10 Billion dollars which will be distributed to Medical Marijuana Society, Americans for Safe Access and NORML...said funds distributed equally are to be used for educating the public about the benefits of Marijuana and Hemp through PSA's, Hemp Events and other means they deem fit and proper. We further move that all citizens currently incarcerated on Marijuana/Cannabis related criminal offenses (both misdemeanors and felony) recieve as a part of this redress full and complete pardons...this pardon would include any and all PENDING CASES, as well as those that have already resulted in penalties, fines or incarceration. We further move that Congress pass into law the decriminalization of marijuana and hemp, and restore every Americans right to grow, harvest and use/consume Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp in all of its various forms including potential products, both known, and yet to be invented and/or created. Petitions seek this redress to right seven decades of wrong and lies perpetrated upon the people by the United States of America and our Government at every level, local, state and Federal. We ask that Congress move swiftly on this Redress, enacting the laws as quickly as possible so that President Obama can sign them into law, so that those who have suffered from seven decades of politically motivated lies may be whole again. Respectfully Submitted


This Petition is sponsored by the Medical Marijuana Soceity. Please feel free to visit our site (still under contruction) at For those interested, we are in need of Budding Bloggers to write our state blogs. Please consider becoming a Medical Marijuana volunteer in our Green Hemp Army. If your organization would like to be linked on this petition, please send and email to with a link to your site.
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