Medical Marijuana too expensive

Danielle La Maine
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Medical Marijuana is supposed to make people feel better from their sickness such as cancer. They could get it illegally and risk their freedom just to feel better from the posion that is in their body, but no they decided to trust the goverment. In New Jersey the medical marijuana program is the most expensive. Patients have said that they have spent from $400 to $600 for an ounce of marijuana. In other states such as Montana they only charge $260 an ounce. The medical marijuana program in New Jersey makes patients spend $700 for an ID card with an ounce compared to $300 in Colorado and $531 in Arizona. A man that is a registered patient stated that he spent $1000 on doctor visits before he took his first puff. There's much more infromation you can find on this. But my point is medical marijuana is WAY to expensive in New Jersey for our sick patients who need help. STOP THIS NOW. MAKE A CHANGE.




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