Fund Art and Culture for Our Community in Medford, MA

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Tuesday night, 10/2/13, the Medford City Council will vote on the resolution below. It would add 50% more funding to the Medford Arts Council in 2014 to support community arts and cultural activities. Every year, the Medford Arts Council funds events including concerts at Wright's Pond; the Community Read and school vacation performances at the Library; West Medford Open Studios; Circle the Square arts performances; CACHE and the Mystic River Celebration in October; dance and music performances for seniors and in nursing homes; field trips, afterschool and in-school enrichment programs for students; Dance in the Fells/Dance at Wrights Pond; and much more. Sign this petition and show Mayor McGlynn and the City Council your support for funding for these events! Offered by Marks and Penta #13-689 "Be it resolved .. that in light of all the wonderful citizen driven community arts activities that have branched out throughout our City during this past year, a sum of $10,000 be added to the 2014-2015 City budget to be earmarked for the Medford Arts Council in support of our community art activities."




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