Meat's Not Green: Save the Planet

Jonella Orozco
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 Many people don't know the truth about meat- it's really the number one cause of global warming.

 Each year, nearly 9 billion animals are raised on factory farms and killed in slaughterhouses in the United States. These places pollute the air, ground, water, and, according to the United Nations, raising animals for food causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, planes, ships, trains, and SUVs in the world combined.

Why go green? The reason is simple: Feeding massive amounts of grain and water to animals on factory farms, trucking the animals around, slaughtering them, and refrigerating their bodies so that they don't rot wastes a ton of energy. In fact, producing 1 calorie of meat uses more than 10 times the amount of fossil fuel that it takes to grow 1 calorie of plant foods, like beans, veggies, and grains.

 And of course, eating meat isn't just bad for the planet. On factory farms, chickens have their beaks cut off with a hot blade, pigs have their tails cut off with pliers, and cows are branded and castrated- all without any painkillers. We wouldn't do that to a dog or cat- so why do it to anyone else?

 Animal agriculture uses 70 percent of the world's agricultural land and 30 percent of the planet's total land area.

 It takes 5,00 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat- but only 25 gallons to grow 1 pound of wheat.

 An area of rain forest the size of seven football fields is destroyed every minute to make room for grazing cattle.

 Every second, animals raised for food in the U.S. produce 89,000 pounds of waste- 130 times more than that of the human population of the country.

 Please sign the petition to help save the world.





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