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Letter to members of Movement for a Democratic Society

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Letter to current and prospective members of Movement for a Democratic Society With the events of an historic election, many on the left, and specifically those in the anti-war movement, have either adjusted their perspective on activities in which they may have participated in the past, or have decided to move in a different direction. The causes taken up by many are that of the failed economy, a green environment, creating and strengthening unions, women’s rights issues, the invasion and occupations of foreign countries, rendition and torture, immigrant rights and dozens of other issues that should be addressed, especially by people of this country and the new administration in Washington. Many in MDS have been staunch activists over the span of 40+ years, and some are recently motivated by Bush and the neo-con agenda . We have all come together at a time in history where the country, world and humanity are faced with perilous times and tough decisions. Many of those who worked to create a stronger MDS years ago, have drifted off to work with other organizations and other causes. It is possible that this occurred for many reasons -- political, issue related, or lack of structure for those involved in our organization. However, some of the members would like to make the case for continuing Movement for A Democratic Society, as well as broadening its issues and strengthening its ranks. Proposal of a Constitution Initially, we propose that a constitutional document which presents MDS guidelines and structure should be adopted. With such a new constitution in hand, we can then move forward to build a strong, diverse, multi-functional organization that can draw upon members who are long time activists with a broad base of knowledge in different areas, and that can take on issues with an ability no other org anization has. Why join or stay involved with MDS Some of us have been working on issues that affect our society and the rest of the world since 1960. We have worked with international groups, as well as domestic. We bring a perspective of historical knowledge and a degree of wisdom and influence that does not exist anywhere else. Some of us joined MDS with new and fresh ideas and are younger members who are strong activists with community backgrounds and intellectual abilities to work in the new millennium and beyond. Combined in one organization that respects each member can be a truly historical movement that may have the ability to target and effect change more than ever before. Therefore, those of us who are asking for a constitution to be adopted, a national level meeting to occur, and a reformation of MDS would like you to ponder where it is you have been and where it is you would like to go, and most importantly, with whom Together in unison we can do what should have been done 40 years ago. We can make it happen.


Prepared by the following members of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS): Alan Haber Bert Garskof Bob Meola Debra Anderson Devra Morice Elaine Brower Jay D. Jurie Mike Morice Richie Marini Thomas Good

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