McRib Is Love

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Dear McDonald's, We the people, kindly demand the return of the rib shaped, BBQ ball of love, better known as the McRib, to your menu. We don't care if it's brought back permanently (although that would be lovely) or on a seasonal basis. The fact is, in 1981 you created a tantalizing, little miracle of a sandwich and have since chosen to withhold its glory from us. McDonald's I ask you, Why is it that I had a McRib in Canada (okay, a lot of McRibs) just a few short years ago, but have been unable to purchase one in the United States of America? McDonald's, it is a travesty that in the greatest country in the world, a shining beacon of freedom and democracy, a person can't walk into one of your establishments and purchase this myth between two pieces of bread? McDonald's, ask yourselves, after decades of loyalty from the American public, do you want to make the people suffer any longer? McDonald's, tear down that wall! Do it for the future of American taste buds so that ALL people will know the perfection of the iconic McRib.





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