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Global Warming

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Global warming is one of the major issues that concerns the whole world and I beleive that we could all make a difference. Global warming is caused by green house gases, aresols, sot and there is so many more horrible causes. Some of my reasons that we should stop global warming is the impact on plants and animals, the melting of different places and different ways that energy is used and ways we can save energy. Some ways that energy is over used are turning on lights, watching televisions, driving a car, washing hair, drying hair, using a hairdryer, using a hairstraightener and it seems that lots of people like taking care of there hair. Global warming was discovered in the mid twentith centurary. A better way of travelling is to use public transport like trains and buses. Don't turn the lights on during the day because you are wasting power because the sun is all the light we should need. Instead of using a hair dryer just use a towel from your bathroom because that shouldn't waste any power, that can be used for more important reasons. As global warming is accuring the glaciers, ice caps and the poles are melting which means that the temperatures of global warming is so bad that everything is slowly but sadly melting which means that they may not be there for future generations to enjoy learning about. As a result of this the sea levels are increasing which means that beach front propertys could soon be under water. If land and homes become the sea we are loseing precious farming grounds and also loseing some of the beautiful housing estates along the way. If global warming isn't stopped certain types of animals and plants will be gone forever. The only reason that the animals would die is because they would lose a part of there food supply and would need to move to a different home which could end up being really hard. If certain species die it would throw the whole food chain out of balance because if one animal becomes extinct all the other things that need them to live would either become extinct or would look for another type food source. Which could then lead to an endless cycle of extinction for some precious plants and animals. In conclusion I believe that we should all stop using appliances and electronics so much and focus on making our planet a better place to live, so that it's here for future generations to enjoy. Also I believe we should have a week full of facts and enviromental activities based on global warming and to teach people the importance of global warming. As I said earlier we should all be able to make a difference even if we are young or old. If you agree with me please sign my petition below!

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