kyes petrol prices

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Dear all For many years now people have argued about the the prices on petrol it is so bad how people have to pay that much for petrol. At some places it is a $1.50 for a litre of petrol. Firstly, it does not have to be petrol, why can’t it be solar power? It would be alot cheaper than petrol. Secondly, petrol is very bad for the environment as there are a lot of fumes and chemicals. There are no chemicals in solar power, so therefore it is a better option for the environment. Lastly, the cost of petrol is outrageous per litre as it is $1 to $1.50. It should not cost that much and the government would still get a lot of money from the petrol stations. So now I think you should think about my argument and make the cost of petrol less and maybe think about solar power instead of petrol Yours Sincerely Kye Ewington