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Some people have to deal with rent. People who are not earning a large wage have difficulties meeting their rent payments. Oh ! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Tiahli and I am talking about rent. That's right, I said it.

Firstly, the thing about rent is well, if you were  someone who lost a home or who lost a family perhaps, and you had no where to live  or not enough money to live at a 5 star motel, then you would have to pay rent. So as I was saying if you rock up to a dirty,smelly and the most smallest room and after you stayed there for a week you get a bill about $2,000 how would you feel?  An it's such a feral house and I think that if I was that person who sent out that bill, I would cross out $2,000 and put $120. Some people are charging way too much for rental properties. I think that you should put a limit to all rental house prices so that nobody pays too much. What can you do for all the people who cannot afford to pay rent?  The poor mother who has no husband and several children, an unemployed person or an elderly person are just some of these.  Now Julia Gillard if I get a reply that will be brilliant and I will be going to the Parliament house on Tesday the 15th and im just a normal person who would love to learn more about goverment and would like you to try and put rent prices down if you could help put the STOP to all of this that  be great because what are those people in the

 floods or earthquakes are going to do and what are those people who lost everything is going to do ? Thats what I would need you to do fo me..

 lastly remeber what those people are going to do because if I was you I would stop to all of this thanks....

I love to hear back

Kind regards Tiahli  7D1 mcdowall state school, brisbane 11ys of age,





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