Petrol prices are insainely high

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Petrol prices are an issue that has been talked about for quite a while now and has been horribly dealt with and needs to be solved and reduced to an efficient price. The amount of petrol prices is lowering Australian profits for petrol.

Firstly Australian petrol should not rise and is too expensive, especially for large cars and even for smaller cars. Instead the state government is lowering food products and pushing petrol prices higher to cover the cost of food products. Petrol prices are rising to quickly for car,motorbike and trucks and they are the only quick ways of getting around to places.

Also petrol prices were cheaper in older ages and now have been raised by several dollars a litre. The state level of government won't make as much money as they could do because if petrol prices were cheaper you would get more costumers which would mean that the state government would earn more money. Buying 10 litres and onwards for large cars can cost to an amount of 100 dollars and more which is frankly a rip off.

Finally ripping people off is horrible especially for the state government. If the state government were to rise petrol prices it should only be by a couple of cents a year. Food products may be good that they are cheap but petrol is used for cars daily. Petrol comes in loads from large ships and it is the workers problem on the boats if they spill petrol into the ocean which is also effecting on ocean life as well. State government should not rise petrol prices because of someone's stupidity.

To conclude petrol prices should not be risen because of the cost, the rise of it to quickly, it being cheaper in older times and that not much money will be made because of the cost.






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