Reformation of MBOA for SS3 Malaysia 2011

Natahsa Mohd Azri
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Dear ELF, Last year in conjunction with SS2 Live In Malaysia, Super Junior fanbases such as MYSJ, Sapphire Pearls Malaysia and ChocoFam collaborated and came up with the " Malaysia Blue Ocean Alliance " commonly known as (MBOA). Prior to SS2, MBOA prepared fanchants and projects for the concert. The most memorable one being the "Shining Star Project" in which all the ELF switched off their blue lightsticks during the concert and during on white lights to replicate stars. Along with the successes, there were also many problems. Problems which have led us to wonder whether the Malaysian ELF would like us to step in and assist with planning and supporting the projects for SS3 in Malaysia. We understand and recognise that many ELF and their fanbases have already begun planning their projects for the concert. MBOA will not in any way stop the projects, but we would like to include all the admins/planners of the projects to join us to prevent any clashes of projects during the concert and also to make sure that each project runs smoothly and is successful. We wish to apologise in case there were any misunderstandings between ELF and MBOA in the past. We hope to get enough support through this petition to re-establish MBOA for SS3 in Malaysia. Thank you ELF!



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