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azalia volpe
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Dear Bloomberg; I have watched you over the last 10 + years make a mockery out of my great city and I have to say, enough is enough!! I implore you to resign, it is painfully obvious that you are not a Mayor for the people, but rather a Mayor for the few. The latest tragedy and your inability to handle the job, has made it all the more obvious. Where you may have been an effective businessman, you are not an effective Mayor. To date this is your legacy: Ban on Big size soda; Ban on 2nd hand smoke; a 1 million dollars spent on advertisement for CPS worker for ACS; our educational system on a decline (seriously stop fudging the test results); Hurrican Sandy and now the Marathon.

And so I shall focus only Hurricane Sandy, because the rest could be a case study on ineffective leadership.   For you to try to compare this latest tragedy to 9/11 is downright insensitive. You've made New York City, into a city of have and have nots. You've almost accomplished in making Manhattan a  playground for the rich. And you've essentially screwed the outerboroughs. Well, Mr. Bloomberg, I am part of the 47% that you and Romney treat with such disdain; and so I ask resign. Be classy about it....You've already shown us how much you hate the people of the outerboroughs and so let me repay you the favor; we dislike you even more. Take your non native NY-er self out of my city because you see it is my city. I was born in Flower 5th Ave Hospital and have lived here the majority of my life. In fact I have lived in 4 of the 5 boroughs. How about you?

Your insensitivty,your money grubbing reaction to Sandy and, your general lack of empathy is deplorable. So I am asking you, resign.... 





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