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To, The President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi Subject: 2500 Crores expenditure for self glorification by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by installing her statues. Honourable Madam, The State of Uttar Pradesh, Ms Mayawati and the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party to falsely glorify the incumbent Chief Ministers fanciful whims of putting up Statues of her by misusing public money and land of Rs5000 Crores. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has adopted a policy of putting up Statues of incumbent Chief Minister by utilizing crores of money from the state exchequer. The policy of putting up of Statues is being done on the grab of making statues of great leaders and Dalit leaders but on close examination of the built up parks it can be that it is being made only for the glorification of the Chief Minister. The Government of Uttar Pradesh are hand in gloves with the Chief Minister to glorify her by acquiring huge space of Public Land and building parks and then putting the Chief Minister and her mentor at the Central point. This amounts to grab of public land. The policy of putting up of statue of the incumbent chief minister is arbitrary and in confrontation with the principles of natural Justice as in a span of 15 Km stretch in Lucknow the Government of Uttar Pradesh have installed the statue at 8 different location with expenses running up to hundreds of crores. In the construction of Parks and memorials mentioned above the use of the Election symbol allotted to Bahujan Samaj Party i.e Elephant has been widely used. Big pillars having the motif of Elephant (Election symbol of Bahujan Samaj Party) have been put up across the parks and memorials being constructed. Also a set of 90 elephants Statues (Election symbol of Bahujan Samaj Party) have been made at the cost of 52.2 Crores from the public exchequer. These will be publicly displayed and put up permanently in parks. This is a clear violation of the principles of free and fair election and Model Code of Conduct as it has an impact during the election. Similar structures have come up in NOIDA inspite of being in banks of the river bed of yamuna no environmental clearance has been taken. Also it has reported that more than 3,000 trees have been cut down. The hunger for self glorification of the chief minister has grown so much that now she is not satisfied with her statues but has allocated huge funds to build big Stupas and Memorials for herself. The said policy has been adopted with the active orders and personal interest of the chief minister as her aim is to get popularity and immortality not by doing work for the millions of poor and downtrodden in the state of Uttar Pradesh but by building statues and memorials for herself and her mentor by utilizing precious of public funds which are much needed for emancipation of the poor and the development of the state. The expenditure of several crores of public money to fulfill the whims and fancies of an individual is against the principles of natural Justice and fails the test of reasonableness. In a State like Uttar Pradesh which is part of the so called BIMARU States and having Human Development Index among the lowest in the country is a complete misuse of Public Money. The Chief Minister and the State of Uttar Pradesh have the discretionary power to make policy and programmes for the welfare of the state. If this power is misused or arbitrary decisions are taken the same is open to challenge under the Article 14 of the Constitution of India. The construction of Statues of Incumbent Chief Minister for her self glorification by utilizing public funds of several hundred crores is arbitrary, unreasonable and misuse of executive powers of the state. By putting so many statues of a particular leader of a particular party in public land and parks, it devoids that place of being a public place and makes it a private property of the said political party which amounts to grabbing of Public property by misusing the powers of the state. If such unbridled action of a person in power is not checked it will lead to replication of such arbitrary, fanciful vague policies across the country among the people who are in power which will be detrimental to the democratic and the welfare fabric of the Constitution. We the persons signing this petition campaign are against the might of the powerful politicians. Now the time has come to put an end to it and declare to these politicians that such arbitrary actions will not be tolerated by the people of this country. Government funds should go for the development of this country and for the upliftment of the poor, voiceless and the marginalized sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion.  Signed, We the signatories of the Petition. WE APPEAL TO ALL TO SEND THIS PETITION TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND AS MANY PEOPLE YOU CAN TO MAKE THIS INTO A PEOPLE MOVEMENT. LETS RAISE OUR VOICE. WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS LEGALIZED CORRUPTION. WE APPEAL TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF INDIA ESPECIALLY THE YOUNG AND STUDENTS TO MAKE THIS CAMPAIGN A RESOUNDING ANSWER TO THE POLITICIANS WHO SPEND OUR MONEY ON THEIR GLORIFICATION WHILE DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS SUFFERS. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR WANT TO JOIN THIS FIGHT PLEASE WRITE TO US AT


A petition has already been filed by in the Supreme Court of India and notice has been issued by the Honourable Supreme Court to State of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh,Election Commission of India and Union of India. This petition campaign is to seek the support of millions of Indians who are shocked by the actions of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh , Ms Mayawti in building her own statues and spending 2,500 crores for her self glorification. We appeal to all Indians to sign this petition and announce that Public Funds are for the welfare of all irrespective of caste creed and religion and should be used for the welfare of the poor voiceless and marginalised.Special schemes as envisaged in the Constitution should be planned for upliftment of the marginalised section of the society.The state should address the various social and economical problems affecting our country. We appeal to all to forward this to as many people you can. India is still par excellence the land of idolatry. There is idolatry in religion, there is idolatry in politics. Heroes and hero-worship is a hard if unfortunate, fact in India’s political life” “In India, ‘Bhakti’ or what may be called the path of devotion or hero-worship plays a part in politics unequalled in magnitude by the part it plays in the politics of any other of the world. ‘Bhakti’ in religion may be a road to salvation of the soul. But in politics, ‘Bhakti’ or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship.” Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.


http://mayawatistatues.wordpress.com गरीबो के मशीहा, तुम भूल गए गरीबी को , कभी वोट खाया , कभी नोट खाया, तुम्हे खाने के सिवा कोई काम नहीं... . सैकरों गरीब अभी भी है लाइन में खड़े, कुछ राशन के दुकानों पर... कुछ हॉस्पिटल में दवाओ और पर्ची के लाइन में, कुछ बाल्टी लिए पानी के इंतजार में... कुछ खाद और बीज के राह में..! गरीबो के मशीहा, तुम भूल गए गरीबी को , लाखो के सर पे एक छत नहीं, और आपको नए ताजमहल बनवाने से फुर्सत नहीं, तुम मुस्कुराते हो हर चौराहे पर बुत बन कर, हर मौसम में खड़े हो हाथो में बैग लिए.! खाने के तेल में कितना जहर है, दूध में कितना पानी है दवाओ में कौन असली है, इसका किसी को इल्म नहीं है, कौन मरेगा पुलिस के हाथो, कौन नेता और बदमासों या तेरे सरकार के हाथो, आज कौन मरेगा या जियेगा इसका पता तो कल के अख़बार से चलेगा......! ये माया की महिमा है, कि हमारे गाँव में सुखा, भूख और गरीबी है, और तेरे शहर में नए ताजमहल कि तैयारी है, गरीबो के मशीहा, तुम भूल गए गरीबी को ! COMMENT BY HARENDRA KUMAR SINGH
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