Maxim should get his Admin rank back!

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As it may have come to your attention Maximvdw has been demoted for conflicts that occurred between some of the Staff members and members of the CaC. Maxim has done a lot for the server. He managed the plugins, created Youtube and twitter (and runs it), He rebuild spawn after the map reset and spent hours on fixing bugs and configuration he even designed his own plugins.

Now there are rumors and gossips about what exactly happend. (You can read more about that at the link below) But however WE WANT MAXIM BACK AS ADMIN. He was a really good admin and stories have been told but there is no proof (so far) of maxim abusing his powers.

We don't know the truth and we don't know what happend. If maxim is not guilty we obviously want him back, but if he is, its NOT fair to just take away all his powers! He really worked hard on the server and I am sure you guys can work something out!

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December 25
We are now live!


  • Joeluserdude
    Joeluserdude Netherlands
    Dec 25, 2013
    Dec 25, 2013
    Maxim is a great admin and he needs to keep being one! Don't just ban him!


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    Joeluserdude Netherlands
    4 years ago