Employees Needs A Parking Garage To Park In Mattapan SQ

Carl Mars
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As an employee working in Mattapan SQ. I demand the city of Boston build a parking garage to house cars of the people that work in the Mattapan sq area. Everywhere I look is a stupid sign that reads 2hr Parking limit. I must also say that, every 1hr and 50 minutes I rotate my car to another location just to get a over the posted limit ticket. There isn't a sign for commercial parking, there isn't a garage or lot for us to park in. There are abandon lots on fairway street that would make perfect for a parking garage that houses 500 plus cars. I have received 5 tickets from this nonsense and I think you have received one or your customer has. The mayor needs to put coin meters in and also build a garage or a big lot for people that own the businesses rather then have those 2hr limit signs, and finally he needs to have signs for commercial vehicles because there are none in a busy business district.





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