Jimmy Pardo for host of Fremantle's "Match Game"

Mark Kiely
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We the fans of the UCB Theatre's excellent Match Game Live believe that Jimmy Pardo is the best possible host of the new Fremantle-produced Match Game TV show and should be given serious consideration for the job. The backstory: Considered by many in L.A. comedy to be "the best host in the business," Pardo brings a razor-sharp wit and amazing rapport with both panelists and contestants to every show. For nearly two years, Match Game Live has played to sold out audiences building a rabid fan base who consider the twice-monthly shows as "can't miss" events. We also believe the regular panelists (among others, Paul F. Tompkins, Best Week Ever) and producer (Scott Aukerman) should be considered during hiring and casting to help Fremantle catapult "Match Game" back to its former glory.