Child Custody

Chandraprakash Tripathi
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My name is chandraprakash tripathi, i am a widowed, my wife she died because of tb, i got a son whose almost three years now, his in custody of grandparents, all this years i have only seen him thrice, i want to play with him, love him and give him all love and affection, but i am deprived of that, grandparent just dont let me see my son, they dont have any male issue and  dont want to give him back, they are verbally abusive, threaten me of dire consequences, at last seeing no other way and trying all possible means to do settlement, i filed case in vasai  court for permanent custody of my son, i stay in nallasopara and they stay in virar, thane, india, also his intentionally not taking court summons, i am lot worried have come to knowm  his looking to sell his flat and run away with my child, i will just die without him. my son his fondly called and is named "Krishna", i am asking for help from everyoone to support me in this regard,  be it an individual,  an organisation, press,  media anyone, i cant live without him and if i am deprived for more long i will end myself.





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