Mass Effect 3: Stop the Codex Zealots

Valentin Seleznyov
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Within the Mass Effect fanbase exist two vocal groups whose goals for ME3 are ultimately destructive for the series.


Codex Zealot: A Mass Effect fan who adheres to the codex with undue and excessive zeal. Someone who would sacrifice gameplay and artistic appeal for the sake of appeasing a codex entry.

Armour Fundamentalist: A Mass Effect fan who wishes the series to revert to the basic armour principles of Mass Effect 1.
    Despite being in the minority, these people are demanding that their wishes be met. This petition is to let BioWare know that many of us like the direction taken in regards to squad attires with Mass Effect 2, and would prefer aesthetic sensibilities to not curtailed in an attempt to pander to the misguided notion that body armour is a necessity for a combat engagement.

We like that Mordin looks like a doctor and not a space marine. We like that Samara looks like a warrior monk and not a soldier. Thane an assassin. Kasumi a cat burglar.


BioWare, please do not ruin Mass Effect 3 by succumbing to the wishes of the zealots and fundamentalists.




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