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Replace Masjid El-Farouq director Masoud Baba with a shura board

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*** 12/17/19 Update ***
Thank you everyone who voted & commented on this petition for the support of Shaikh Sayed's reinstatement. Br. Masoud agreed to reinstate him on 12/12 but changed his mind the next day breaking all our hearts and devastating the Shaikh. Few brothers have setup a Go Fund Me page to help Sheikh Sayyed financially during this difficult & stressful time. May Allah make it easy for him and his family, resolve all his issues and give him a good place in a much better community. Ameen. Please keep him in your prayers.

*** 12/22/19 - Need of a Shura Council for Masjid El-Farouq ***

With all due respect and gratitude, we thank Br. Masoud Baba for serving the community for the past 23 years but respectfully want him to leave and community setup a shura system to manage all the affairs. Here are some complaints against Br. Masoud for which we are requesting such an action:

1) There has been zero transparency in the collection/management/usage of funds. The constructed buildings are not being used by the community. The rent for the community hall alone for 1 night is $1000. No one is allowed to play in the basketball court except a few. There are no programs being held for the community.

2) There is no input from the community either about major or minor issues. There was no meeting if a million dollar indoor basketball court should be built instead of making of a independent Islamic high school across the street desperately needed by the community. There is more construction going on right now about which the community knows nothing. We all need to be consulted with the adoption of a shura board.

3) Employees are usually under undue stress as they are required to follow orders without consideration for being right or wrong. The only opinion that matters is Br. Masoud's and it is not easy to change his mind. There is a long list of past Imams & admins as qualified persons are not recruited or kept for long. This is one reason Shaikh Sayyed was removed as he was a little independent as an Imam needs to be.

4) Administration has no right to interfere with religious issues and Imams must be given freedom to do so. Imam's need follow the Quran & Sunnah instead of listening to Br. Masood.

5) Masjid is not welcoming to children and teenagers at all as there are very few programs for them. There is no youth organizer to manage and initiate good programs. The Masjid has signs up prohibiting kids from playing instead of giving them a good place to play. Also there are no programs for either new or non-Muslims.

Please vote and mention any other reason that could be added to the list or if any correction is needed.

*** Original petition 12/11/19 received 1008 votes & 423 comments as of 12/17/19 ***

The community of Masjid El-Farouq in Houston Texas has been shocked and heartbroken by the sudden termination of our beloved Imam, Shaikh Sayyed, on 12/6/19 without any notice or consultation from the community. He served the Muslim community wholeheartedly for the past 13+ years. We request him to be reinstated and the director, Masoud Baba, to be removed and replaced by a shura board with full authority to elect leaders and to manage the affairs of the Masjid and the community.

The greatest loss for his leaving will be for the for El-Farouq community and all of Houston as there will be many other cities who will welcome him with open arms. Shaikh Sayyed has given his full for the betterment of everyone with his great heart-touching talks. He is a great orator with a passion to spread the correct teachings of Islam. He has strong hifz and was instrumental to the Masjid during the Ramadan nights with his incredible skills. He has endured many hardships over the years which affected his health much as he had major heart problems & a bypass surgery but came back stronger each time. Alhamdulillah.

Shaikh Sayed or any employee of any organization with such an excellent portfolio doesn't deserve immediate termination like this in which the community didn't get any say. The current replacement Imams aren't as qualified in English to lead as he has led. We know he had problem with his immigration status but at the very least he should have had official warning and a 2 month notice or time to resolve the issues. A good-bye thank you party and gracious gifts for his time, service and dedication should have been honored greatly.

There is a long list of qualified Imams (including Imam Zoubair) and administrators who have been fired in the past and may continue at the discretion of the sole director of Masjid El-Farouq, Br. Masoud Baba. We thank him building and taking care of the Masjid in a great manner but it is time for him to return the affairs of the community back to them. We request that he step down and a shura council be elected by the community and given full authority to elect leaders and handle all the affairs going forward. Insha-Allah

Please also speak with Masjid administration to voice your concerns or call them at 713.465.2020 / email admin@elfarouq.org . The more pressure the better the results. Insha Allah

Jazakumullah Khairan
May Allah unite our hearts on the truth and accept all of our efforts for His cause.

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