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Stop the Marina Sky Towers project

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Marina Sky Towers is a proposal for Dubai Marina. It consists of 3 major towers, each near or above 100 floors, sat on a 14 storey car park plinth. The aesthetics of Marina Sky Towers will not add to the beauty of the Marina but will be an ugly intrusion into what is currently an area of architectural splendour. The sheer size and mass of the proposed structures will not blend into the existing cityscape and will not fit well with the surrounding architecture. It will not compliment landmark developments such as the original Phase 1 complex and the surrounding towers. The height and scale of the proposal, in particular it\'s oversized podium will be totally overbearing to the area and will not make residents or visitors feel at ease with their surroundings, let alone enjoy the waterfront lifestyle. Furthermore the traffic and logistical problems that this will introduce into what is already an overcrowded area will be disastrous for the Marina. The increased volume of traffic generated by towers of this height and volume will make it near impossible to move freely around this already crowded end of the Marina. Many existing residents of Dubai marina are seriously affected by this proposal and worried about just how such a decision was passed at the highest levels Please sign the petition in support of preventing this project from going ahead. Quotes: "how will the roads cope with ppl in that 100f office and 100F and 90F residential towers with those small roads in that area this is just silly...height limits HAVE to be put in place not for flight paths...but for the infrastucture! "Emaar will not only ruin their own Phase I development but will have every customer that bought land from them in this area complaining." "putrid podium, lack of imagination in design, density is insane btw the buildings, what a waste of such prime property. And why the hell is there a road facing the marina!" "Really ugly development regardless where it is. " "My God! I just saw the prospected towers! This is really a nightmare for the marina... " "I think Emaar\'s reputation will be irreparably harmed if they permit this monstrosity to go ahead." "Marina Walk & Phase I = ruined" "It is ways to high for this area of the marina and much to dense, would look terrible within the marina, maybe they should relocate it to somewhere else, maybe Dubai Waterfront!" "Whoever made the decision to say "yes this can be built here" has no vision whatsoever." "The podium is utterly hideous. If I had a berth in front of that thing I\'d severly annoyed with a huge shadow and 4 lanes of traffic just yards away... " "Projects like that make Dubai more and more totally unattraticve. And they are ruining the "oldest" part of the Marina which could have been a nice and unique place. " "I can\'t believe that the authorities are this stupid. It has disaster written all over it." "The location of the plot deserves an iconic building. The sheer size means that there will be no blending with the surrounding buildings. There will be gridlock due to the traffic. The contruction noise will please no one in the surounding buildings." "Stupid project in wrong location ... " "Terrible project. It will ruin all the tallest block." "If we all join forces and stand behind it when its built, we\'ll hopefully be able to push it into the Marina. This project is ugly and stupid. And no one in their right mind would ever need 14 stories of podium." "I was considering buying another apartment in the marina but don\'t think I\'ll bother now that marina walk will be ruined. Cannot get over how hideous that podium is and the 4 lanes right next to the marina. " "One day Channel 5 will make a program called "Top 50 Design Blunders" and this will be right up there." "I recon this was designed by the developers themselves as opposed to hiring architects. Since the whole complex is butt ugly people will want to leave asap. " "This is a totally ugly idea that will completely ruin this side of the marina, completely over load already breaking capacities of infrastructure and so be strongly fought from going ahead, to the highest levels within Dubai." "This is estate mis-management of the highest order and all current residents and owners of apartments in this area should be forming a legal action case rejecting this project as being totally out of keeping and likely to cause severe infrastructure problems for existing residents." "Seriously hacked off with the whole episode and has ruined all plans to live over there permanently." "I so regret buying anything in Dubai and never would again. This sort of decision is going to start a selling spree within the marina area, as clearly, EMAAR don\'t have a f\'ing clue what they are doing." "Nasty podium, total eye-sore... Was expecting something more iconic" "Even though i dont have any investment in marina. I too have sent a message to Highness. can every one do the same please." "Having worked on this project before it became Marina Sky Towers, I am quite disappointed with the current proposal." "The PROPOSED project will ruin the intention Emaar had for Marina Walk." "Whatever, we must do whatever it takes to save the Marina. If they ruined the Palm, the Marina is a the architects digest has claimed that Dubai is an architectural MESS! Hence this project conforms it! GREED AND DODGY DEVELOPERS IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN DUBAI THESE DAYS." "This plot has so much potential to make the tallest block something really nice and peaceful instaed of building tall towers. You can´t enhance live quality with just tall buildings." "I really hope for all tallest block residents that this get cancelled......... "


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