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Marilyn Monroe-Estate: Breach of Professional Ethics and CRIMINAL EXTORTION

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"We're not related to MarilynMonroe LLC, Anna Strasberg, Anna Freud, or Authentic Brands Group.

We're just related to Marilyn Monroe...


In 1955, Marilyn wrote the SURGEON STORY while staying at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. This story is an
eye-witness account of Coersive Financial Extortion using
Sensory Deprivation, Dissociative Anesthetic Drugs, and Psychic Driving. It was conducted by Lee Strasberg and Dr. Margaret Hohenburg.

Under mental and physical coercion Marilyn was told by
Lee Strasberg that he wanted a THEATER.

Under mental and physical coercion Marilyn was told by
Dr. Margaret Hertz Hohenberg that she wanted a "PERMANENT PSYCHIATRIC CURE" (i.e. a research center).

Under mental and physical coercion Marilyn was told by Arthur Miller that he was disappointed in her; let down.

By February 1956, these same people ended up on Marilyn's first WILL: Lee Strasberg and Dr. Margaret Hertz Hohenberg and Arthur Miller.

Arthur Miller and Marilyn were not even married until June 29, 1956.
Soon after her marriage to Arthur Miller, he becomes the sole Beneficiary of Marilyn's WILL.

By November 11, 1960 Arthur Miller and Marilyn Divorce.

Marilyn's 3rd and final WILL is drafted on January 14, 1961.

-Lee Strasberg is again written into Marilyn's WILL (75 % of the Estate).

Dr.Marianne Kris takes the place of Dr. Hohenberg (25% of the Estate).

By August 4th, 1962 Marilyn dies a suspicious death.

FACT: An attempt was made to challenge WILL based on Undue Influence by both Lee Strasberg and Dr. Marianna Kris.
FACT: When Dr. Marianna Kris died, she willed her 25% to the Anna Freud Foundation for a permanent psychiatric cure .


FACT: Dr. Hohenberg, Dr. Ralph Greenson, and Dr. Kris received a "permanent psychiatric cure": THE ANNA FREUD FOUNDATION!

FACT: Anna Freud was actively seeking long-term funding for the ANNA FREUD FOUNDATION.

FACT: Anna Freud was preparing for her DEATH and the legacy of her father-SIGMUND FREUD.

FACT: Dr. Hohenberg and Dr. Kris and Dr. Ralph Greenson are intimately tied to ANNA FREUD. Moreover, Dr. Marianna Kris and Dr. Ralph Greenson are included in ANNA FREUD'S INNER CIRCLE!

FACT: Dr. Ralph Greenson was using funds from another one of his patients to fund his own foundation in LOS ANGELES.

FACT: Dr. Hohenberg, Dr Kris, and Dr. Greenson KEPT Marilyn supplied with BARBITURATES the entire time she was seeing them.

FACT: LEE Strasberg was actively working with the therapist.

FACT: There are more FACTS...

LEE STRASBERG and ANNA FREUD (and her HollyWood therapist) broke Ethical Standards and criminally assaulted Marilyn Monroe. This was ALL documented by Marilyn Monroe in 1955 while staying atWaldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.


It is my position to demand that Anna Strasberg (Lee Strasberg's widow), Authentic Brands Group, and the Anna Freud Center immediately FORFEIT any claim to Marilyn Monroe's Estate and return it and all assets to Berniece Miracle (Marilyn Monroe's sister and/or next of Kin: Mona Miracle) who is the rightful heir to Marilyn Monroe's Estate. In no uncertain terms it is clear that both LEE STRASBERG and ANNA FREUD violated their professional relationship with Marilyn Monroe. I will publically and personally hold Anna Strasberg/Lee Strasberg Theatre and Acting Institute/Authentic Brands Group/ and the Anna Freud Center in BREACH OF PUBLIC TRUST until all assets are RETURNED!

It is now time to correct the violations of the past and BRING MARILYN HOME...We greatly appreciate your support!



Hosted by Marilyn's cousins on the HOGAN side of the family. Marilyn's grandmother DELLA MAE HOGAN had a brother named WILLIAM MARION HOGAN.We are his descendants...


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