Margate and Cliftonville need a Town Council

John Finnegan
John Finnegan Margate, Kent 51 Comments
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The S.W.R.A Committee were at last night's Thanet District Council Meeting, which turned out to be very eventful and interesting. One matter in particular was raised: should Margate have a Town Council?

The Salmestone Ward Residents Association thinks Margate and Cliftonville are missing out - if you look at other parts of Thanet, Margate and Cliftonville are the only ones that don't have a Town Council or a Parish Council.

So we started a petition, as residents of Margate and Cliftonville we ask the Thanet District Council to provide Margate and Cliftonville with a Town Council. No ifs or buts.

Please note this is just the first step we need to know the feelings of the Residents of Thanet before we move on the the next stage.



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