#MarchOnTech Manifesto

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On the heels of the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, we have to seriously reflect on where we have been and where we are going over the next 50 years. As we look towards the next 50 years, we as a community are calling for a #MarchOnTech - the 2.0 version of the civil rights movement. 

Please be clear that #MarchonTech is not a reactive response to the Fast Company article. Fast Company responded quickly and admirably to the issue; which was very refreshing for once to see a major corporation make amends properly. This most recent situation is no where near the first, and unfortunately no where near the last, where black folks will be slighted, left out, forgotten about or discounted.

So as we continue to move forward and focus on the positive and doing for ourselves, we ask that you join with us by adding your signature to our manifesto and sharing your comments with us in regards to other strategic outreach and actions that we can take. 

#MarchOnTech Manifesto
WE COMMIT to focusing on marshaling and utilizing our own community's innovative and creative resources and leveraging them to uplift the black community across all areas including education, job preparedness and creation, health, art and culture, politics, the justice system and wealth building. 

WE BELIEVE that the aura of innovation surrounding the tech space can be creatively applied to positively impact and disrupt the disheartening statistics, trends and stereotypes that continue to plague the black diaspora here in America.

WE WILL ACTIVELY SUPPORT all black professional and technology organizations. We will attend and promote conferences and organizations such as Blogalicious, FOCUS100, SXSW, Blogging While Brown, SF 35, Blerdology, Black Girls Code, Blacks in Technology chapters, Platform and Black Founders. And we will each-one-bring-one to multiply and compound our impact.

WE ARE COMMITTED to coordinating with media organizations and making the facilitation process seamless and easy to ensure that our multi-faceted opinions, faces and efforts are included in national conversations. 




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