M&M Should Have an Easter Egg

Lauren Randell
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In the year 2011, to my knowledge, there is no mainstream Easter Egg made by M&M, this being a hollow chocolate egg wrapped in foil with a couple of bags of M&Ms included in a box to celebrate Easter. Literally all of the chocolate brands have an Easter Egg, as well as popular TV shows, Cult Film Series, Cartoon Characters etc. But for some reason, when choosing my favourite chocolate this Easter, which is obviously M&Ms, and visiting my local, well stocked supermarket, I couldn't find an M&M Easter Egg. After some further visits to other stores, and then some internet research, it became apparent that M&M did not have an Easter Egg, unless you include a bag of Easter themed peanut egg shaped M&Ms which are disgusting. Unfortunately, I had to resort to my second favourite chocolate, Munchies, for my choice of Easter Egg, which I am sure you can imagine, was highly traumatising and upsetting for a nineteen year old like myself. I would also like to add that I was horrified to see that in the absence of an M&M Easter Egg, I found a 'Coronation Street' themed Egg with free mug. Please, if I am mistaken, and there is an M&M Easter Egg, put me out of my misery and direct me to a store that stocks one before the Easter period is over. However, if, as I suspect, I am correct in my assumptions, I implore M&M to see reason and consider introducing an Easter Egg next year to their range of products, this exclusion to the market is highly unacceptable and is a loss to society and has ruined Easter for me and other M&M lovers across the Nation. Happy Easter!





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