Mandatory Cosecutive 7-Day Rest for Social Service Workers

Laila Benjamin
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Individuals that work in social service related fields often suffer from burnout due to the responsibility of resolving problems or counseling others (most with mental illness diagnoses). Due to the requirements of counselors and social workers, they may work over scheduled hours without additional pay. Most use vacation time and personal/sick time to cover absences; as a result, most never have an adequate planned rest period. Because social service persons work with individuals with a history of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, trauma, and suicidal ideation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the duties and unexpected outbursts or problems every working day brings. As a manager in this field with experience as a counselor, I understand stress and inner deterioration that results from working in social services. Therefore, I am proposing a mandatory paid seven-consecutive-day rest period (excluding vacation hours and not to be combined with vacation hours) for all persons employed in social services.



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