Mandated Drug Testing to Receive GOV assistance ie. Foodstamps, CA, and medical. Also, implementing better programs that aide in every individuals goa

Linda Boser
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All across the country hundreds, thousands suffer from inadequate funding. In an America that costs so much to live it is a constant battle to keep our children off the streets and our men/woman employed. We have established agencies all throughout the states to bring relief to families in crisis. The only problem with these programs is a lack of better filtering. This system does not work in its current state. We have some children that are completely reliant on GOV assistance their entire life. The purpose of the current program was meant to be a stepping stone to help families get back on their feet. Now, in America's society people have turned to GOV assistance to fulfill their basic needs for extended periods of time and nothing is being done to monitor how these funds are being spent. Many people have used and gotten away with purchasing things that are illegal in the form of trade: they receive cash, supplies, or even worse drugs. Now, we are supporting a system that pays for the addictions of many Americans. We have created a system that's supposed to help people yet we are only furthering the decay of our nation. I propose that mandatory drug testing be implemented in all 50 states in order to receive GOV aide.If there is ever a dirty test it should be mandated that the person in question receive the appropriate help they need before they will be approved for assistance. We can also implement better training programs for education and jobs. With better procedures set in place we may be able to help our society come back up from the trenches of GOV dependency and ill managed GOV funds. If you give people that have never had money all that they need but you fail to look at the patterns of behavior in which these people lead all this money is left squandered and in no way helps our society as a whole, it only gives the American people permission to become scam artists.




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