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Stop violations of human rights in the Moluccas

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GROSS INDONESIAN VIOLATIONS OF MOLUCCAN HUMAN RIGHTS IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE (Indonesia is torturing and shooting Moluccan political activists and the world is still watching.) On June 29th 2007, a group of about 30 unregistered Moluccan dancers succeeded to bypass the very high security procedures of the commemoration of the 14th Family Day in Ambon (Maluku) and peacefully express the indefeasible right of the people of the South Moluccas by unfurled the flag of the South Moluccas Republic (RMS) on Moluccan soil in front of Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. As confessed the Indonesian aggressor reacted with unprecedented cruelty. The Moluccan activists were immediately kept on the bases of police force and army at Tantui and Perigi Lima, where they have been constantly molested in a bestial manner and forced to remain naked in their warrants. During the nights the prisoners are kept awake with cold water. The prisoners are constantly interrogated and beaten without any regard for their basic human rights. Most of them suffer because of internal wounds, contusions and hemorrhages. In these conditions they have to sleep on the ground. None of them has so far received medical care or sufficient food and beverage from those who molested them (TNI, POLRI and DENSUS 88). Untill July 11th 2007 the Moluccan political prisoners have been refused every visit of family, lawyers and journalists. Everyone was sent away at the entrance of the prisons. After their arrest 40 more arrests have followed, so the number of imprisoned Moluccan political activists has increased to 84 on October 23rd 2007 so far. Also these 40 Moluccan political activists are subjected to the same severe harassment. On Thursday October 11th 2007 three prison employers of the Waiheru prison (known as: La Musa, La Aliasa and Svanus Tuasun) have given electroshocks to six of the imprisoned Moluccan RMS-activists: Yordan Saiya, Johan Saiya, Arens Saiya, Ruben Saiya, Yohanis Saiya and Daniel Akihary. Indonesia is very familiar with this inhuman method. The imprisoned Moluccans are put in jail for at least 15 years for only showing the South Moluccan flag to peacefully express their cry for freedom by "freedom of speech" without other people getting harmed, while the Indonesian government reduced sentences for less than 15 years for several of the Bali bombing convicts who have killed more than 200 people. In November 2007 Mr. Manfred Nowak (UN Human Rights-expert / UN expert on torture) has visited Indonesia and has called on the government of Indonesia to step up efforts at stopping ill-treatment and torture of individuals under police detention and quote: Indonesia has a "culture of impunity" in the face of ill-treatment and torture. Mr. Nowak was the third (!) UN visitor the last nine months to look at human rights issues in Indonesia. Mr. Nowak has visited several locations, but unfortunately he didn't visit Maluku. That is why he didn't see that Aboru (a village on Moluccan island Haruku) has been extremely isolated from the outside world by the TNI (Indonesian army) who has been stationed in Aboru since June 29th 2007 and is daily provoking and threatening the Moluccans who lives in Aboru. On Saturday, December 8th 2007, the TNI (Indonesian army) has shot two Moluccans in Aboru, Jhon Teterissa and John Leuhena (19 years old), while they were raising the South Moluccan flag. On Thursday, January 24th 2008, the TNI has taken one of the arrested political activists out of prison and ordered him to point out the hiding place of the RMS headleader in Aboru. When the TNI arrived at the hiding place they immediately burned it. The TNI is still unable to catch the RMS headleader. This unnecessary behavior has caused a lot of tension in Aboru. On February 11th 2008 Aborunese Dantji Akyhary (68) was kidnapped and mistreated by the TNI on his way from Aboru to Ambon City. On Thursday March 13th 2008 the TNI has arrested and mistreated 12 innocent Aboruneses. On April 3rd 2008 Moluccan political activist Johannis Teterissa has been JAILED FOR LIFE only for showing the RMS-flag to the Indonesian president without causing anyone harm or death. This brutal and uncivilized behavior by Indonesia and the TNI must be condemned by the UN and the international community. How can Indonesia be a member of the UN and the UN Security Council The first function of the UN and UN Security Council is: to maintain international peace and security (in accordance with the principles and purposes of the United Nations). While the same Indonesia is abusing Moluccan human rights as we speak! How serious are Moluccan human rights to the UN and the so called Human Rights Organisations Does politics and commerce have more meaning than Moluccan human rights to the UN like it does to the international world, with The Netherlands on the front row, looking the other way and claiming: There is no evidence to prove that all of this inhumanity by Indonesia has happened and is still happening in Maluku How much more Moluccan political activists have to go to prison, have to get molested, have to get shot at, before the international world will do something about this Indonesian inhuman regime The international media have not report anything about this since June 29th 2007. This has got to stop right NOW! Why doesn't the UN and the international world help Maluku, Papua and Atjeh like the way the UN released East-Timor from Indonesia How about their human rights all together We, the Moluccan Community in the Netherlands and our friends, are deeply concerned about the fate of the 84 imprisoned Moluccan political activists and the misbehavior of the TNI in Maluku, and we therefore urgently call upon the UN, the international media, independent journalists and representatives of human rights organizations to visit the imprisoned Moluccan political activists at Tantui in Ambon and Perigi Lima (or anywhere else where they are being kept) and also the Moluccans who has been shot by the TNI for an impartial and independent investigation / media coverage. And last but not least, we the Moluccan community in The Netherlands and elsewhere, firmly demand the whole world: 1. immediate and unconditional release of all imprisoned Moluccan political activists; 2. to judge and to stop Indonesia for its violations of Moluccan human rights; 3. to not ignore the Moluccans cry for help, freedom and independency. Quote: Indonesia claims to have become a democracy, but democracies don't put people in prison for peaceful expression." Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. Quote: "The government should immediately release all those convicted under these laws, whose very essence is to limit free expression in Indonesia." Chairmain Mohamed, Indonesia researcher at Human Rights Watch Enclosure: LIST OF ARRESTED RMS ACTIVISTS IN TANTUI (dated July 25th 2007) 1. APONNO AGUS (jailed for 3 years) 2. BATJERAN HERMANUS (jailed for 17 years) 3. HENDRIKS SEMUEL (jailed for 10 years) 4. JOHANIS PITER 5. MALAWAUW DANIEL (jailed for 15 years) 6. MANUPUTTY BERCE 7. SAIYA ARENS 8. SINAY ELIAS (jailed for 12 years) 9. TANATE ALEXANDER (jailed for 10 years) 10. TITAHENA BENY 11. SYARANAMUAL MELKIANUS 12. LATUMAHINA PIETER (jailed for 8 years) 13. LITILOLY JUNUS MARIO LIST OF ARRESTED RMS ACTIVISTS IN POLRES (31 men) 1. AKIHARY DENNY (jailed for 15 years) 2. AKIHARY FREDY (jailed for 15 years) 3. HENDRIKS LEONARD 4. LITAMAHUPUTTY ABNER (jailed for 12 years) 5. MALAWAUW ALEX (jailed for 10 years) 6. MALAWAUW FILIP (jailed for 10 years) 7. MALAWAUW HERMANUS (dead) 8. RADJAWANE FERDINAN (jailed for 10 years) 9. RAHAYAN PETRUS 10. RIRY YEKI 11. RIRY MERSI (jailed for 10 years) 12. SAIYA MARTHE 13. SAIYA FERJON (jailed for 20 years) 14. SAIYA YEPTA (jailed for 12 years) 15. SAIYA JOHAN 16. SAIYA JORDAN 17. SAIYA STEVIE (jailed for 10 years) 18. SAIYA PIETER (jailed for 10 years) 19. SAIYA ABRAHAM (jailed for 15 years) 20. SAIYA JOHNANIS (jailed for 17 years) 21. SAIYA PITER (jailed for 10 years) 22. SAIYA RUBEN (jailed for 20 years) 23. SINAY JOSIAS (jailed for 10 years) 24. SINAY MELKY 25. SINAY JHONY 26. SAPAKOLY JUSUF (jailed for 10 years) 27. TAHAPARY STEVANUS 28. TETERISSA JOHAN (JAILED FOR LIFE) 29. TUAPATTINAYA REYMON 30. USMANY ALBERT 31. WAAS FERDINAND (jailed for 10 years) ADDED LIST OF ARRESTED RMS ACTIVISTS (dated September 7th 2007) 1. LESNUSSA SEMUEL (jailed for 8 years) 2. SYARANAMUAL MARION 3. MARUANAYA ERIN (jailed for 12 years) 4. SUPUSEPA JOPIE (jailed for 10 years) 5. LOUHENA JAKUB RMS ACTIVISTS BEING SHOT BY THE TNI IN ABORU (dated December 8th 2007) 1. TETERISSA JHON 2. LEUHENA JOHN


This is an action of Moluccan individuals and Moluccan organisations operating as PAK, Perintis Aksi Kilat. (an actiongroup in the Netherlands) This petition will be send every time when needed to all international parliaments, human rights organisations and others to do not let the world forget and ignore about Indonesia's cruel inhuman activities in Maluku, which is still going on as we speak Signing this petition is completely free. Please also sign the petition of Amnesty International about the Moluccan political prisoners (


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