SMMUSD Board of Education: Keep Our Kids Safe

Caren Leib
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Dear Superintendent Lyon and members of the SMMUSD Board of Education:

The recent developments in the environmental situation at MHS call for swift and immediate action. We do not see evidence that the district is acting to protect our children and teachers in time for school to begin on August 19, 2014. We, the undersigned, stand together as a community and state that we are not send our children back to Juan Cabrillo Elementary, Malibu Middle School, or Malibu High School on August 19, 2014 unless:

1. We are provided with safe classroom alternatives for educating our children;

2. Caulk and other materials are tested for PCBs in all rooms in pre-1980 classrooms at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, Malibu Middle School, and Malibu High School;

3. All known building materials with PCBs in excess of 50ppm are immediately removed from campus.




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