Help families deal with their addicted loved ones at U-Turn for Christ

Joanie Berry
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Calvary Chapel in Greeneville, Tennessee and U-Turn for Christ in Greeneville, Tennessee is near and dear to my heart. Helping them with your time, talent or treasure would be investing in this cause. You can contact them directly. 

c/o Pastor Gary A Hall
1160 Black Rd
Greeneville, TN 37743

Pastors Gary Hall and Steve are two people among many others that God used to help me see things that I could not see in my struggle with having grown children who were addicted to drugs. With God's help, and God's people's help we can stop attempting to control things and allow the natural consequences to take place. We have to do this many times per day. I will feel scary because we do not want to see them suffer. But, it is the right thing to do and I am still doing it. Share your experience strength and hope by going to the this cause and sign petition for awareness of our cause. Let U-TURN for Christ and the people on the front lines know that you care about what they are doing for the addict who desires life and not death.  


Joanie Berry





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