Making our dollars count - Discover Pass WA South Beach Region

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$30 plus administration fee - What does that get you?

The WA State Discover pass website indicates:

"Washington State is an outdoor lover's dream, and public demand for outdoor recreation opportunities on state lands continues to grow."

"To ensure the public may continue to enjoy these recreation lands, the state must shift from relying on tax revenue from the state General Fund to a user-pay approach to pay for recreation."

The Discover pass is valid for 1 year; however, it does not last a minimum of one year for the average outdoor lover who enjoys their time more than once a week at a State Park. Instead, we are awarded a ticket from the Park Ranger when the pass starts to fade. Let me remind everyone that the pass should be valid for one year. The production of the pass should at least be useful for the duration of its validity. An alternative pass is needed. For Example: Stickers or Decals. In addition, there have been problems with the electronic discover pass meter. Such situations include but not limited to; double charging, not printing out the ticket after payment has been received, or meter is out of service.

The coastal region is not the most forgiving environment for maintaining the Parks; however, the people expect State Parks' roadway and parking area to be managed accordingly. The Westhaven State Park has had numerous pot holes as long as we can remember. Such environment can damage the maintenance of our road worthy vehicles; especially the adventurers who frequent the beach - fishermen, all types of surfers, beach combers, and beach lovers alike.

We are very thankful for the new shower and restroom that was recently built. Everyone is enjoying the new Park amenity. However, basic restroom supply stock is a must. 4 restroom stalls did not have toilet paper stocked at 9am during a busy Sunday morning.

Thousands of people visit the State Park. The people ask for our dollars to count towards the basic necessity mentioned above.




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