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Making Freedom
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MAKING FREEDOM is a ground breaking exhibition that has been touring London since August First 2013. It celebrates the 175th anniversary of the 1838 emancipation of nearly a million Africans in the Caribbean. The exhibition clearly shows the importance of August First, and its significance not only for people in former colonial territories, but also for Africans everywhere. From 1834 through to the 1850s, August First also served as a means to mobilise for the termination of enslavement of Africans in the USA.

For Caribbean Africans, August First can be compared to the USA's Fourth of July, and a new dawn. From that day, African women went out in search of their children who had been sold to enslavers on other plantations. The women were responsible for the re-birth of African family units in the Caribbean. They had not functioned because enslavers severely undermined the efforts of their ancestors in the previous two hundred years. The yearly commemoration of August First is very important if people of African heritage are to understand their past. The event, like the Jewish Passover, is a day of reflection and expectations for the future. Also, the event remembers those who campaigned in Britain, the Caribbean and elsewhere for emancipation.

Windrush Foundation calls on the British Government to recognise August First as a National Day of Commemoration.

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