Making Financial Assistance Based on Financial Need-Available to men & women without children

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
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I am a disabled white American woman and would you believe it took me 7 years to get Medical that pays for my $3000 medicine for epilepsy? I had to file fraud charges in the Garden Grove office where I kept applying over and over and was told I "needed a kid" to get it by 3 Vietnamese workers. After filing FRAUD charges because that statement is wrong, I got insurance. Much in the same way, when my ex who is a very prominent rocket scientist making over $200,000 a year and didn't pay me for over two years, I lived on $400 that came from a room mate that lived with me at the time. The way the system is set up-YOU ARE INVISIBLE IN THE EYES OF THE GOVERNMENT IF YOU are a WOMEN WITH NO CHILDREN or a MALE who needs financial assistance. Once I realized this I knew it needed to be changed. We need to teach accountability in this country and instead of giving people $800 PER CHILD AS A BRIBE TO HAVE CHILDREN FOR THE WRONG REASONS, WE NEED TO GIVE FINANCIAL NEED TO: 1. AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST 2. NO DISCRIMINATION ON IF YOU ARE MALE, FEMALE, WITH OR WITHOUT CHILDREN. THE NEED IS THERE NO MATTER WHAT AND EVERYONE IN SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY. 3. MAKE INDIGENTS AND PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN BEFORE GETTING ANY BENEFITS FROM THE STATE. PEOPLE ARE ABUSING THE SYSTEM SO MUCH, THERE WAS AN ARTICLE IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL TALKING ABOUT HOW THE VIETNAMESE HAVE "MASTERED HOW TO ABUSE OUR WELFARE SYSTEM. The United States is the greatest country on this earth and those that come to this county should know about America, the people of America and strive to learn English and teach it to their children. I want to not see Veterans who are homeless and with no housing due to the stupid laws of women with kids first before all else and leaving thousands like myself in the dark with nowhere to go, Paulette Le Pore Motzko Petition Creator December 26th, 2012