Make Travel Accommodations Safe for Wheelchair-Bound Guests

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The Goal. To ensure safety and comfort of wheelchair-bound guests in their travel accommodations.

The Problem. Big-name hotels may have plenty of amenities to address the needs of disabled guests, but the same thing does not always ring true for smaller, unknown accommodations. Many of them do not follow certain guidelines when it comes to bed heights, ramps, and lifts, which makes moving while in a wheelchair even the more challenging. It’s bad enough that many of these facilities do not follow the recommendations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure the safety of travelers with disabilities, but they aren’t being transparent about their room descriptions, which prevent travelers from making informed decisions.

The Solution. Since many guest houses are not legally obliged to follow ADA guidelines, they should be required to divulge all information about their rooms and services, including bed heights, ramps, and lifts access, so that disabled travelers can choose wisely and determine for themselves if that place can meet their needs.

A safe and comfortable accommodation is one of the things that determine whether you’ll have fun in your travel, so you should make sure to choose it carefully, especially when you are physically challenged. For the best wheelchair-friendly hotels and accommodations, check out Travel Lens. They also have plenty of guides to help you make the most of your travel like the best restaurants to visit and the best things to do in Tokyo, among many other things.



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