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Make Toronto Bike Riders Accountable

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Make Toronto Bike Riders Accountable Mandatory rider training and licensing of bicycles used for transportation on major roads during peak hours. If you drive in Toronto’s downtown area it’s no secret that the streets have become inundated with bicycles and bicycling is clearly encouraged by the city. The number of bike lanes has grown exponentially and the availability to rent bikes at various locations has grown significantly. Yeah great idea!!?? Yes with proper structure. I am all for green and environment but at the cost of lives? Lives of the unlicensed bike riders expected to know what the pretty painted lines on the roads mean and tricked into thinking that those pretty lines ensure their safety based on what they guess they mean. At the cost of pedestrian safety? where it has become a dangerous impossibility for a pedestrians to simply cross a street in many places. And the safety of the motorists? the people who pay for the roads, are trained, licensed and insured before getting anywhere near a vehicle. Every day new bike riders take to the streets believing that their right to share the roads with the large masses of fast moving metal is entirely enough to get out there and everything will be just fine! It has to be, its healthy, it’s cheap, its fun and its fast --and they are doing good for the environment. “The environment” is simply a facade in far too many cases now. Too many people use the “I’m green” to circumvent the rules of the road with little to no liability or consequence as they weave in and out of traffic violating multiple laws daily in order to get to work and or school. The simple fact of the matter is that cyclists are expected to share the roads with licensed drivers in a manner that is consistent with the rules of the road. Where do they learn these rules??? I have witnessed cyclists hit vehicles far too many times while the motorist clearly had the right of way, the cyclist genuinely believed the motorist was in the wrong, and to add, in most of those instances the cyclist has hit the car, turned around swearing and then sped off through a red light. You almost have to laugh. Obviously incidence leads to the identification of a problem but a city encouraging something that is obviously going to change the natural order of our streets, but neglects to implement infrastructure that at least attempts to promote safety is simply neglectful and potentially liable. Bike rider training/licensing needs to be implemented and enforced, at least on main city streets where people are using their bicycles to get to and from work/school etc… It’s not difficult to implement, would not be ridiculously expensive and would make the city a much safer place. --If you use your bike for transportation during peak hours you must pass licensing and plate your bike. --Enforcement on major roads during peak hours for example 7:30am -10:30am and 3:30pm-6:30pm

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