Make Tivo Cogeco Available for all Customers

Bryan Ingram
Bryan Ingram Niagara Falls, Ontario 5 Comments
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Cogeco Cable in Ontario (available now) and Quebec (available shortly) has wisely chosen to offer their customers a best-in-class PVR service by partnering with Tivo.

While Cogeco is to be commended for being the first in Canada to bring Tivo to the mainstream they have chosen to allow only customers with two or more TVs to order the service.

Cogeco has clarified that Tivo will work with only one TV but refuses to change their policy:

"...yes, it's true that TiVo itself doesn't require 2 TV's. After all of our testing, we decided that we would offer TiVo as a multi-room option with built-in wifi for our initial launch..."

Please sign this petition to encourage Cogeco to the make Tivo available to all of their customers who would like to have it.

Thank you!



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