Make the street outside St Barnabas school safer for the children

Blanka Geszti
Blanka Geszti 47 Comments
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At present it is impossible for legal reasons to enforce no parking on the zigzag lines outside St Barnabas School in Hart Street. As a result commuters often park there. Many parents feel that this puts their children in danger. Local residents feel that it is unfair that they have to pay for permits while these commuters don’t.

Oxfordshire County Council has at last agreed to consult the public on whether to add signs and lines which would prevent parking on the zigzags during the school day. Some people may object to these proposals. If you would like to see an end to this dangerous parking, please sign our petition in support of the proposals

For more information or to express your views, please contact Councillor Susanna Pressel on or 01865 554001



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