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Make Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron GREAT AGAIN!

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I was very excited to hear that Dreamworks was coming out with an animated series based on the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. However, upon further investigation, I found that the have totally ruined it! And heres why:

1: Spirit now has a white blaze going down his forehead. He did not have this in the original. So why the change?
2: Spirit's mom, Esperanza, and his female companion Rain are now gone. Replaced by meaningless characters, one of them actually looks just like Esperanza. Why take out two intricate characters of the story?

3:Spirit took place in the 1800's, but the new series takes place in modern time? How do I know this? The toys and cover art that was released show girls who are wearing modern attire. So what, did Spirit teleport to the modern age or is he immortal or something. Again, just doesn't make sense.

4: Spirit is being ridden! He was the horse that was never meant to be tamed or ridden, yet there he is. Being ridden by a 12 year old in like 2016, who isnt even native American.

5:Spirit was nominated for an academy award for best animated picture. Thats huge! Why would they spit on such an accomplishment? Spirit has also won and been nominated for many other awards. They can be found here:

6:Why is this all the sudden like my little pony and equestrian girls or whatever its called? As if guys dint love this movie too? Why did they change the audience?? This is going to ruin the cherished childhood memories of so many people who loved this movie!

So why did they make these changes? I'd say corporate greed. They know that they can somehow mil this and make a good solid profit. Which is weird because I feel like they could make way more if they kept the continuity of the story.

So PLEASE sign and share this petition to either have Spirit: Riding free changed to how it SHOULD be, or canceled all together! Thank you!



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