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Make RSM Herbicide and Pesticide Free

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We are asking the City

to stop the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides in Rancho Santa Margarita , and not to allow the multiple agencies working within the City to use these harmful unsafe toxins where we live.

I asked one man what he was spraying in the flower fields at Las Flores and Antonio and he told me it was Roundup. There is international concern for Roundup and other products with the main ingredient of "Glyphosate" which is used commonly for weed control. An ever growing large body of evidence / research, the EPA and medical professionals agree the use toxic pesticides are linked to the pandemic of health issues and the rise of diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Alzheimer's,fatty liver disease and autism, just to name a few.

Our children, family and pets should not be exposed to toxins designed to kill on a regular basis. We do not want to be playing and walking through chemically treated areas with harmful toxins for the sake of a weed to die. The health consequences to our children and loved ones are not worth it.

• Glyphosate does not dry off, wash off or cook off. It absorbs into our food through the soil after it is sprayed as a “burn down” on the soil before planting. • It is sprayed on school play grounds, parks, sidewalks, streets, back yard gardens, in waterways, forestry, and on our food. • It is sprayed on GMO food crops, the soil of non GMO crops, and directly on non organic food as a drying agent such as wheat, sugar, barley, dried beans, peas and more

Spraying pesticides also kills the microorganisms in the soil and then the soil can no longer absorb carbon. When the sprinklers go off these toxic chemicals go directly into the storm drains and wreck havoc in the ocean

Toxic chemicals have been directly linked to the dramatic bee and butterfly population declines.

We also know that "Glyphosate" is highly toxic and a health risk based on the EPA’s website and classification. Many studies are showing the kidney damage, Cancer, Leukemia, Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are linked to the chemical toxins the City uses for landscape management.

We request that our School Boards, City Council, Home Owner Associations and County discontinue the use of Roundup, glyphosate based and toxic chemicals and instead use organic products or other methods such as : ✪ Community or Scout project weed pulling days ✪ Boiling water/vinegar/dish soap combinations or organic alternatives ✪ Safe Steam Weed Killer Machines from: Weed Technics . Irvine and San Clemente are great examples to follow and she should do the same.

“THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF GLYPHOSATE IN OUR FOOD, WATER, RAIN, OR BODIES” - Anthony Samsel, Independant Scientist of Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Polymer Chemistry

please see additional fact sheet:

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