Make old pokemon games available

William Burke
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There are many fans of the Pokemon franchise which have new games every couple of years, but what of those old nostalgiac players or new curious players who wish to play the original games? They have to find someone who is selling them online, now normally that is fine, but game boy cartridges have a battery which eventually dies after a number of years, meaning there are less and less available games each year and making them very inconveniant. There is an interest in playing these games as people use online emulators or even emulators on jail broken phones to play them which is ilegal according to Nintendo the maker of Pokemon. So what I'm petitioning is that Nintendo should make these games somehow available once again, either as an app on the app stores out there (the emulators prove that portable devices can play them) or as dlc for their DS console, there is no disadvantage to this as Nintendo don't get money from 2nd hand sales so it would make nintendo money and make us happy




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