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We love Webzens game “Mu Legend” and therefore its with a heavy heart we feel the need to write this petition. We feel that MU is a great game that has a lot of potential, but that a lot of that potential is lost because of bad management.

We are asking for better information about the game and a bigger collaboration with the community. We feel that we get little to no information about when you can expect new content, when this content is already released in Korea. We see that a lot of the issues that we have trouble with, is already solved in Korea. We see people getting banned from Official discord channel when they voice their concerns of the game.

We ask everyone that wants this game to be as good as it can be to join this petition.

This article might seem harsh and criticising, but that is not the point. The point is to take initiative and help both european distributors and the Mu Legend development team to see what is important to their player base and customers. Because right now there's a universal agreement that every time there is a patch or update, except for the enchant system update, wich was great; We do not get changes remotely relevant to what anyone wants..


Need more incentives to play.
Better matchmaking.
Balance of classes in pvp.

PVP skills/Number/items/more arenas.

DMG report.
*Rewards relevant to current stage of the game!

5V5, 10V10, 20V20

Last man standing

Training field where players can test their skills and build. You can have attack dummys that will register damage output. And everyone can attack each other without starting a duel.

PvP rewards.

PvP itself is lackluster, and does not see frequent updates the reward for investing time in it must be more appealing.
Rewards is not relevant or updated to the current state of the game.

For example, in the beginning of the game pvp was appealing to grow your wings, then it saw no play for months until PvP Token shop was updated with new offers(gems).
PvP que times and quality of match was greatly improved for a short period of time, as the rewards quickly again fell obsolete pvp does not see any play.

After the end of season one 125 people have entered a pvp match one time or more (27.06.2018) .

Solutions: PvP Rewards must be aligned to reflect the current patch of the game, with appealing rewards, example : soul xp, materials from new content like phantom cube and chilling embers as well as continually updating with new uniq offers that reflect the servers live patch.


Need webzen to actually follow the rules they set out. So we dont have 2 winners of a GvG.

In order to encourage guilds to play GvG and fight for territories (since this is why territories exists and were made I believe) you can give some rewards to the members of the guilds that owns a territory every week, that way you are promoting competition among the guilds. We already know the current benefits that a territory gives to the guild. However those benefits does not seem to be enough or at least is outdated for the current game content.

One way to persuade people to play GvG is to make some kind of training field. So people can come out with strategies and try out their strength among themselves before beting everything on a all or nothing fight..


The Rift: 7 rifts a day is a lot of content to get through, and killing goblins is the best way to get Zen. Even better than Luery’s Vault. Overdrive works well as it is. There should be other ways of getting contribution points.

Fabrice Garden: In Korea you get the reward of this dungeon by logging in. It is a good dungeon for players starting out in the game, but it wouldn't have been visited by strong players if it weren't for the rewards that are essential to playing the game. I’ve only heard rumors of people dropping other pets than kobold or larva here, and it should be able to drop every pet that is in the game.

Blood Castle: this particular daily has an interesting concept, but the problem with it is very underwhelming rewards. At this point in the game, the rewards such as Hero Tokens and small magic gem pouches seem useless. Why cant you drop Heroic Crests here? For example if you do it under 2 minutes or increase the difficult of the monsters, it could give you heroic skill crest chest. This is just an example to make make obsolete content scale for stronger players.

Luery’s Secret Vault: One gold goblin is better than 2-4 runs of Vault. Enough said. The most useless of them.

Gem Mine: Same as Luery’s Secret Vault. 3-4 rifts provide with higher amount of magic gems then this daily. If you want to make it reliable, the amount of entrances per day should be infinite. If you need magic gems, you should be able to farm how much you need and not be time restricted.

Endless Tower: It is one of the best dungeons in the game. It is essential for character progression and rewarding for players.

Lupas Labyrinth:

Finally something positive, lupa’s labyrinth is without question the best dungeon in the game it offers replay value in terms of grinding without heavy influence and layer after layer of rng.
You can play it as much as you want, and your character growth is rewarded in many different aspects. Common and rare crafting materials, Items, Experience, Gems.
As of today 27.06.2018 this is the only content in the game that you are able to farm, but without diversity and close to a year of running it also loses its touch.
It would be strongly advised to introduce more alternatives and diversity in content with the same functionality for character Growth.

Pit of The Dead: Finally a dungeon that we don't finish easy on highest difficulty. But the droprate of Aveteers cube and 1 entry per day makes this content more frustrating and demoralizing than fun. Also, on the entrance description its written that it generates up to Phantom cube. Even if it drops above level 3, this should be communicated to us or explained in the description. And information about which difficulty is opened should be shown to other players in party. Another thing is Phantom fragments. We now need 150 of them to craft a Phantom cube, which considering 1 entry a day, we need almost 50 days to craft just 1 and even then, there is a high chance of getting 3 mythic materials which can be easily bought from the merchant for magic gems. Imagine how many players there will be that actually worked hard to know the mechanics of bosses, positioning the mobs, and successfully completing it every time using resurrection stones and getting these. The few people who was lucky enough to get full sets in the first event, can be 50-200 days ahead of other players, with huge advantage both in pvp and pve and there is absolutely nothing you can do to catch up. The gap is to large.

The good idea that we suggest might be remove the mythic or set materials from drop and only leave set accessories and reduce the cost of Phantom cube. That will make this fair for everyone.

Epic: Sanctum of Dragon Knights:

Epic: Dragons Haven:

Mythic: Heath Mine:

Mythic: Pit Of Nightmares:

Mythic: Sky Temple

Fire Demon -Cave: So far the only place you can get heroic crests. Interesting dungeon, but the droprate of chilling embers is too low. Why cant you drop heroic crests in Blood Castle?

Ice Demon Cave:

Lupas Library:

Too many dailies.

Much of the content you play trough currently in mu legend is obsolete, yet necessary and gets repetitive. In the end you are left with a feeling of little choice in game and a heavy workload.

1. Should the number of dailies simply be reduced, and the rewards increased?
2. Endless entries for everything giving everyone free competition to play, and farm the content
you choose interests in to grow your character.

Another important notice, before finding a solution is that the servers/seasons never reset the progress of your character, so people are at different stages in the game.
When new content is finally added for example recently pit of the dead, and you can only do it once per day(8 minutes), players that has been in the game for a long time have nothing else to do.

Not enough content with re-play ability and rewarding in several different aspects of growing your character. The most appreciated content in MU Legend today is Lupa, because it's the only content in the game that offers a player any rewards at all if your character progress is already completed.


Some of these examples are mentioned in depths earlier in the article.

The variety of drops and various rng effects are to big from everything to transcendence stones to regular set items and new content. Some guys destroy more than 50 weapons(8months of farm) to get +10, while others get it on first try or had it since few weeks in game.

The new set accessories that came with pit of the dead, are seen on some players in full set, with huge advantage over you’re competetors, while other players have to wait 50 days to try to roll another cube, assuming you complete the dungeon every single day!

This model does not pair well with entire daily system where your choice of how to progress your character is strict and limited. Are we supposed to play 4-6 months or longer, if you continue to flank on the set item drop(since it also drop jewel of bless, gems etc from the varies cubes) to catch up with the guys that got it from the first attempt which was a chain quest, not available more than once?

Remove the inevitable layer of layer of layer with rng, and give players options to hard farm whatever you personally need to grow your character.


Paper rock scissors, GM events find the GM. GM stress test event. WC prognosis event. Facebook Events, Golden Weekend

GM events: We like that the GMs try to make the game more interesting, but these events should be communicated better, and if the event is a stresstest for the servers, they should be open about this. Bad communication leads to angry players.

Find the GM:

GM stress test event, spawning a lot of

No rewards from GM’s if the event wasn't successful - even if 1 player participated in the event and reached the highest votes, the GM’s should reward him what they have promised in the event rules! players should not run after GM’s in all platforms to get the rewards he won!

Calendar - the same since first day game released.

One of the most common pins between successful games is an open dialog between users and developers, and we don't have any channels for communicating with developers at all.
Customers and playerbase in mu legend europe have no possibilities to communicate with the developers of the game, it feels like the people responsible for handling such requests is rather unmotivated to do so.
We are spending thousands of hours, and are I see a lot of great ideas to improve the quality of game. Further so, I often find the suggested changes or adjustments are already implemented in korea. It must be possible to make adjustments and modifications to content before it releases in europe, so we don't have to go through every single mistake or bug that was already solved in korea, again in eu/NA.

Service and support.

The Mu Legend team responsible for the european social community, often ignores service requests, delete comments or give inaccurate answers regarding technicalities in game, help requests or simply constructive feedback.

The service in game are also leaving players with a unprofessional concept, being able to craft, and buy products that are not available to consume or use on your character.

1. When the new pet was added, there was two of them with minor difference in the name for the different pet, where one was far superior to the other which is just a regular pet with a new appearance.
The only way you could know the difference was to actually buy the offer.
2. Legend shop was changed from only offering costumes available to your character, to offering costumes you cannot move or use on your own account.
3. Easy obtainable materials are added late in game to take advantage of inexperienced players. Making offers that are clearly a pure deception, offensive to loyal customers.
When I first saw the offer, I had to check my calendar for april's fool.
Intended or not it leaves player with the feeling

4. This is a big one, the big script that enabled players :
- Enable you to use all 6 autoattack - 1 hander and 2 hander simultaniasly ( and get mana for it)
- Enable you to use all 17 skills simultaneously( as long as its off cdr)
-Cancel attack animation/cast animation so you just hover
This is one of the biggest exploits I saw in a game in many years.
On several occasions over a period of months!
When trying to communicate the unfair advantage with webzen, I saw users get the following response :
“we are against the bot, so if you see people using them, you can report them and we will take actions about it. In the meantime, we keep working on ways to block them.

Which gives a unprofessional, hostile and non caring impression to your community.

5. Season end was pushed on account of a holiday in Korea. This made Territory Wars end one week later than it was supposed to. On some servers the season ended with more than one winner on account of the way Webzen Europe decided to solve the issue.

6. Notice of maintenance has several times been without notice.

7. Sometimes updates and news that could be shared with entire player base are posted in news section for specific languages in discord, nowhere else to be found. Not in english general, facebook or any other medium.

PETS: Having one pet that is twice as strong as the others, makes all other pets obsolete, And having so much of your power connected to the pet means you lose a lot of power when leveling other pets. We need it to work the way it does in Korea, where you can grow pets while you have another equipped. This is also the way artifacts work, probably for the same reason. We would like more of the pets being viable in the game so it is interesting to use all pets in different situations.

REWARDS: Reward for party picture event (facebook) gave a reward of one entry to pit of the dead. Reward of winning Territory wars season one was a mount for 30 days (should have been lifetime. Spellbinder got 100% mount just for leveling to 65.) and 5m magic gems (which is a good reward). The rewards were given for winning the last fight, not for being on top through the season, which doesn’t really make sense. It would be better if the winners were the ones that were best overall, not best one weekend. We also had issues with players cheating and using bugs in the game to win the matches.

Rewards with expiration date, like wings and costumes. Timer should only count down the time you have the item equipped. Not from the moment you accept the reward for example from “Calendar”. It would be nice to be able to switch back and forth between different costumes and wings to differentiate yourself from other players. Right now everybody uses the same costumes at the same time because it's the only ones you can buy at Legend Shop.


Most compensation boxes is only more entrys to dungeons. Change it up from time to time, maybe pet boxes, imprints and so on.

SEASONS: Seasons is a good addition to the game, but we need information about when the new season starts at the latest when the old season ends.

BALANCING OF CLASSES: Dark Lord has been the strongest class since the start of the game. We can see through patch notes that Whisperer gets much needed attention, but players have been left in the dark for almost one full year.

But minor tweaks and attempts of balance have not been seen at all.


Hero Token Bundle 300 redzen for 100 Tokens. Sale on Pets the week before release of new Pet. 500 redzen for extraction Hammer. No way of buying imprints with bound redzen. Bound redzen shouldn’t have any less value than the fact that it can’t be used in Auction House. Releasing 2 pets with similar name and identical appearance except for colors, where one is twice as strong as the other, but is advertised as “a little bit stronger”. This pet that is twice as strong as any other is no longer available for new players because the event has ended.

New content is always fun, but with the current system of daily missions, and the phase content is released, the new content is already obsolete before it is released.
All content need to be kept up to date and players deserve progression updates and some kind of estimated schedule for the status of the game.


Selling Costumes and Wings that only gives the player a unique look works in every other game. Why not here? Make a lot of them available at all times, and only hold back some for special events and rewards.

Prices in Legend Shop is so high that most players avoid the shop unless it is absolutely necessary. Lower the prices and volume will rise.

Keep your community happy. A happy community wants to keep a game alive and have no problem paying for this to happen. Be careful not to be too “pay to win” because this removes a lot of motivation from the players. Make money on cosmetics, not stat increases. Listen to your community. Run events and follow through on promises. Sell pets with same stats but cool cosmetics for redzen.


  • Selection of cards in lupa’s labyrinth 6 does not reflect the choice of card you pick.
  • We see old bugs coming back again and again.
  • Bosses, animation/no dmg/ instant dmg/cooldown etc
  • All skills bug.
  • PvP.
  • Invisible skills and mobs.
  • There is a lot of bugged skills but it’s important that the most used skills gets attention, a couple of never used / inferior skills has been fixed but its not helpful.
  • Attack order, passive doesn't work, periodically restore hp for party members (doesn’t work)
  • Bloodfest, can be canceled mid animation
  • Gravity deflection, Charge / animation bug, deals damage before animation is cast at the same instant you cast the skill, making it impossible to avoid unlike any other skill in the game.
    Bombardment/Other long animation skills does not make damage at all if you are effected by any kind of crowd control during the cast. However the animation will finish and the skill will be on cooldown.
  • Character randomly freezes for uncertain period of time (roughly 10 seconds) cannot move,use skills it occurs when you are hitted by CC and when the CC ends.
  • Hitting stealthed targets does not show the DPS done to them example - ( Hitting a warmage while he has stealth with a monarchs touch he gets pulled but no DPS number shows)
    Spellbinder barriers still shines through invisible targets.

Tips to improve playability/Summary:

  • Keep old content relevant by tweaking difficulties/rewards.
  • Shared Soul Points across account
  • Ability to share all content account wide.
  • Quality of life changes
  • Drop Rate increase for players who don't get drops, then resets.
  • Open battleground where anyone can enter to do PVP.
  • Expert skills can be changed anywhere except in dungeons, and at no cost.
  • Preset skill and items, like diablo locker.
  • Shorter wait time for reward in blood castle
  • Potions should only count downwards when in dungeon.
  • You can drop set items for other classes in boxes (for example in lupa library 6, these need to be account bound, not character bound.

Thank you for reading and supporting mu legend and its player base.

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